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Save time, money, and effort with individual auto lending solutions or complete end-to-end auto loan servicing tailored to your needs.

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Auto loan servicing
custom-fitted to your needs.

Manage the entire life cycle of your auto loan portfolio without lifting a finger.

Experienced car dealers use auto loan servicing companies to:

  • Reduce daily management tasks

  • Improve customer service

  • Manage loans more efficiently

  • Save money on in-house processing and collections

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Maximize your account performance.
Minimize your workload and costs.

Refocus your time, energy, and capital to grow your dealership instead of draining your resources to collect on past work. Auto Capital Express helps you with auto lending solutions that take the weight of portfolio management off of your shoulders completely.

Our auto loan servicing allows you to fully invest yourself into creating new business while we manage and collect on your old business to keep the money rolling in from all angles. In addition, whenever the pace of acquiring new accounts slows down you can count on us to keep cash flow coming in without paying for additional staff to handle loan processing and collections.

We offer stellar customer service and features that auto loan servicing software and other auto loan servicing companies can't even begin to match. Not only do we take on the responsibility of all facility, employee, and overhead costs necessary to collect and manage your auto loan portfolio, we also provide you with regular and transparent reporting in addition to ensuring that you stay in compliance with lenders and government agencies.

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not learn exactly what we can do for you with our top-rated auto lending solutions and auto loan servicing today? Click below to find out.


The Benefits.

Why choose outsourced auto loan servicing?

An auto loan servicing expert can streamline your dealership's portfolio processing and collections efforts. With our auto lenders service, you get to enjoy numerous benefits like greatly improved portfolio performance, detailed custom reporting, and compliance management to name a few. So if you want to manage your assets more effectively, you definitely want to consider bringing Auto Capital Express into your dealership as your auto loan servicing expert.

How outsourcing your auto loan servicing
Saves You Money:

    With our auto lending solutions you'll never need to purchase or pay recurring fees for hardware and software licenses to manage auto loans ever again.
    For more info on our suite of helpful and highly profitable car dealer financial services, call us at 832-757-1409.