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Sell Your Notes.

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Sell your portfolio 5 Steps to funding!

At Auto Capital Express, we pride ourselves on speedy and efficient service. In just 5 steps, we’ll turn your buy here pay here notes into cash. Continue reading for a more detailed breakdown of the process of selling your bulk auto loan portfolio!

Step 1: YOU Send in Your Data

For Frazer Users: If you use Frazer as your DMS, you can send a file to us by clicking the “Customer” tab, then select “Upload to Finance Company”. Locate Auto Capital Express and Frazer will take care of the rest!

For All Other DMS Providers:

If you have a DMS other than Frazer, please export your data in Excel/Spreadsheet format and email the exported file to sales@autocapitalexpress.com. Your Data File must be exported in Excel/Spreadsheet format like “.XSL” or “.CSV”. Files in “.PDF” format cannot be accepted.

For Dealers with No DMS: If you do not use a DMS, please contact us and we can assist you in supplying the information needed to get a purchase offer on your accounts. Feel free to email sales@autocapitalexpress.com, call 832-757-1409, or use our direct contact form.