Car Dealer Line of Credit

Car Dealer Line of Credit
Loans for Car Dealerships

Boost your business' cash flow with a car dealer line of credit and auto dealer funding.

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Lightning Fast Funding.

Get immediate cash flow with a line of credit for used car dealers.

Experienced car dealers use independent auto dealer credit lines to:

  • Increase accessible cash flow.

  • Pay off floor plan companies.

  • Build your BHPH portfolio using OTHER people's money, instead of your own.

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Experience You Can Trust.

If a car dealer line of credit is what you need, Auto Capital Express makes getting a business line of credit for car dealers a fast and hassle-free process.

Since traditional banks don't have a firm grasp of the way the auto industry works, they usually impose strict lending qualifications that make it difficult to obtain credit lines for independent auto dealerships. However, with over a decade of experience in buy here pay here car dealer funding, Auto Capital Express understands the needs of independent car dealers.

Our car dealer line of credit team knows the ins and outs of running a car dealership, as well as your concerns and your challenges. So, in addition to our ability to view your business from an insider's perspective, we also consider your business as a whole to provide you with a car dealer line of credit with simple, flexible requirements.

In conclusion, we put the cash you need in your hands quickly and easily. Don't hesitate on securing your car dealer funding. Maintain or expand your business with the auto dealer financing and car dealer line of credit services with Auto Capital Express.


The Benefits.

Why use a business line of credit for car dealers?

Keep your customers and have your cash, too. A car dealer line of credit provides you with instant access to the cash flow you need at any time. With a credit line for independent car dealers, you can withdraw as much or as little as you need, as frequently as you want, and repay over time.

Use your auto dealer line of credit to:

  • Purchase new inventory

  • Upgrade or replace equipment and technology

  • Revise marketing to attract more customers

  • Open a new location

  • Pay for expenses during slow seasons

  • And more...

For more info on our suite of helpful and highly profitable car dealer financial services, call us at 832-757-1409.