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Auto Capital Express a total solution to your business’ advertising, marketing, and brand building needs. We have an effective five step lead generation process that produces high numbers of high quality leads for you, builds your brand, AND promptly and effectively contacts your leads to turn them into purchasing customers. Our full service lead generation efficiently does the job of five employees! Here is what we do for you:

   Step 1: Get the Lead

       Building an online presence with advertising and marketing is essential for any successful business; we not only generate fresh customer leads for you, but also build your brand and increase your exposure recognition. We strategically advertise your business and build your brand using multiple methods. In addition to your vehicles being listed on Online Classified Ads (Craigslist, Offer Up, Let Go, Locanto, Backpage, Bookoo), and Pay Per Click Advertisements, we also build you a custom lead generation website with full SEO (search engine optimization: Google, Yahoo, Bing)! Here’s an example of one of our custom lead generation sites:

We also build your brand across social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus! With our services, our client EZ Keys Autos started from scratch and now has over 44,000 Followers on Facebook and 8,000 Followers on Instagram!

Increase Efficiency

Using these methods and more, most of our clients receive 10-30 fresh leads per day! The contact information we collect for each lead is immediately sent to you, so you can contact your leads while they are hot, but we help you there too!

Step 2: Contact the Lead

       Studies show that if fresh leads are not contacted within the first five minutes of being received, your chances of reaching them drops to only 25%. We make sure this vital window of contact is never missed by immediately texting and emailing the customer on the dealer's behalf as soon as the lead is received, then our dedicated call center contacts the lead and helps drive them into your business for you! This lets your customer know that their business is valued and provides them with information on how they can progress the buying process on their own before they ever even speak to a dealership employee! Take a look at our call center stats:

Step 3: Collect Credit Application


        We further help filter the most qualified, highest quality, and serious buyers from the pack by encouraging the customer to complete an online pre-qualification application on their own. This assures that this step of the buying process is accessible and completed by the customer at their highest point of interest; when they make initial contact for more information. Every lead receives a link to complete a credit application via text and email immediately after submission.

       These credit applications are a signal to the you that the customer is a "hot lead". They are very serious about purchasing soon, which reduces the amount of time dealership employees spend talking to lukewarm, or unqualified leads. It also gives employees the advantage of being able to review the customer's needs and situation before speaking to them, making it easier to guide them to what the dealer can offer that fits them and their situation best!

Step 4: Follow Up Regarding Pre-Approval

  Busy employees often lack the ability to consistently contact credit applications within the vital first 5 minute window. With us, no application will go cold! We immediately text and email the customer when their application is received, informing them of their pre-approval, providing them with information, stipulations, and requirements they will need to purchase a vehicle, and providing contact information to contact the dealer on their own if they choose.

Step 5: Schedule Appointment

   After a customer submits an online credit application, we contact the lead on your behalf to help the lead set an appointment to visit your dealership. This helps you keep track of your customer traffic, while also managing the customer's perception of the dealership and as busy, appointment-only, and high quality. It also prompts the customer to see their preapproval as an opportunity that can't be missed, increasing their likelihood of purchasing.

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