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A Bulk Portfolio transaction is commonly used in the Buy Here, Pay Here Industry as a primary method of generating operating capital.  Many dealers experience a cash flow shortage as they sell more inventory, especially during tax season.  Selling all or a part of your Buy Here, Pay Here portfolio can be a solution to help inject cash into your business.

Additionally, selling your accounts will allow you to profit quicker while reducing your portfolio exposure.  Guaranteed money today is more valuable than potential money tomorrow!  

Sell Your BHPH Portfolio with Auto Capital Express!

Auto Capital Express Meets All Your Dealership Needs!

Auto Loan Portfolio Sales

Sell your buy here pay here notes for top dollar. Stop collecting and start super-sizing your cash flow.

Advertising & Lead Generation

Increase your web-presence. Target your perfect audience and build a customer base. Contact new prospects instantly for sky high sales conversions.

Dealer Consulting

Information and guidance from experienced auto industry professionals. Training? Finance? Inventory? You have questions, we have answers.

Why Sell Your Auto Loans?

Sell auto loans | Sell Bhph notes | Sell bhph portfolio

Selling your auto loan portfolio is the most effective way to build capital for your buy-here-pay-here dealership without adding on new debt to your business. It also provides dealers with greater ability to expand their business by buying more inventory, financing more customers, acquiring new locations, and more!

Key Benefits Of Selling Your Bhph Portfolio:

  • Receive a large lump sum of money
  • Have more free time (no more collections)
  • Finance more customers
  • Acquire new locations
  • Help your customers build their credit
  • Save on your in-house staff costs for collections.
  • Eliminate the need to acquire more DEBT.  
  • Get your profits faster

We Make Selling BHPH Notes Easy.

Five Simple Steps to Turn Your Auto Loans into Cash.

Bulk Loan Sales | Sell Bhph loans | Sell bhph portfolio

Step 1: YOU Send in Your Data

Step 2: WE Generate a Purchase Offer

Step 3: YOU Send in Documents for Review

Step 4: WE  Review Your Documents

Step 5: YOU Send in Closing Documents

And just like that, you receive the funds in your bank account!

Get More For Your Auto Loans.

Selling your auto loans with Auto Capital Express is fast, efficient, and we offer benefits that you won't find anywhere else.

Watch the video to learn more!

Our Services.

Multiple services available to help your business flourish.

Auto Loans & Dealer Consulting

  • Bulk Portfolio Purchases

    Sell your bulk portfolio and get advanced on the total remaining principal balance.

  • Payment Streams

    Get advanced on a selected payment interval of 6, 9, or 12 Months.

  • Lines Of Credit

    Ready for the big leagues? See how a line of credit can help you expand your dealership and capture more customers!

  • Floor Plans

    Use a floor plan line of credit to purchase inventory from auctions and other inventory sources.

  • Sales Training

    Learn how you can 1. Sell More Units To The Traffic You Have Now 2. Close In The Negotiation For Maximum Gross 3. Build Your Business By Phone & Internet and more!

Sell auto loans | Sell Bhph notes | Sell bhph portfolio
Sell Subprime Paper | Sell Bhph notes | Sell bhph portfolio
Sell auto Notes | Sell Bhph Loans | Sell bhph portfolio
Bulk Loan Sales  | Sell Bhph notes | Sell bhph portfolio

Advertising & Lead Generation

  • Lead Management

    Harvard University found that your chance of getting in touch with a lead decreases by 80% if they aren't contacted in 5 minutes or less! Our technology solves that problem forever!

  • Hyper Targeted Digital Advertising

    Get the customers that you can capitalize on. Our hyper-targeting finds the people most likely to purchase from you for sky high conversion rates!

  • Mobile Advertising

    Have your business’ banner ads displayed across over 120,000 mobile apps that your customers use every day!

  • Custom Dealer Websites

    Stand out from the crowd with a custom designed, SEO optimized, mobile responsive website. Improve the overall experience for your customers and be at the top of Google to attract more customers.

  • Social Media Management

    Build your following on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and more! Turn your social media into a lead generating machine!

Sell auto loan Portfolio | Sell Bhph Accounts | Sell bhph portfolio

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